Friday, September 28, 2012

The Daily Show: Romney's 47%

Leah Petrovich

Romney's "47 percent" video not only made headlines in the news but was also prevalent topic on our class this past week. Many reports that came after the video leaked tried to fact check Romney's assumption about the "47 percent." Here is what an article from CBS News reported:

The Daily Show had no problem finding its lead material for the September 18th show. This video is called, "The Millionaire Gaffemaker." Stewart laughs at the fact that Romney's campaign had to launch a new strategy/reintroduce himself three weeks after the Republican National Convention. The convention was supposed to be a time for Romney to gain a large amount of face time with the media, and now the campaign has already needed to reboot AND switch to damage-control mode.
Stewart calls him "Romney 9.0."

I think it's going to be a difficult final month for Mitt Romney. Polls are being taken left and right. I'm interested to see the debate and how Mitt will respond to his list of gaffes.

Here's another video clip from the September 18th show. Stewart says, "Mitt Romney's words say, "No big deal, I want to help all Americans", but his eyes and body language say, "Holy shit, we're all going to die!" Mitt Romney is having a hard time explaining how he completely disregarded 47 percent of Americans.

Stewart takes the audience through a little visual: He's a captain on a North Atlantic cruise line and casually addresses the ship that there was an ice berg that "attracted some attention." He acts calm as he tells the passengers not to worry, yet he is slowly blowing up his own life jacket.

This is a very on point comparison. It seems as if Mitt Romney's likability is slowing going under just like the Titanic.

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