Sunday, September 16, 2012

NBC Reminds Us There Are Other Things Happening

Carolyn Menyes

As we have well established by now, NBC Nightly News is a half-hour program, airing every evening at 6:30 p.m. Because it is an all-inclusive show, sometimes the election simply isn't the most gripping or important thing happening, so it isn't covered as extensively as it may be on other programs and networks. This very much was one of those weeks.

I watched Monday through Thursday's shows, and the election was a a secondary story every night. The 11th anniversary of 9/11 and the assassination of American ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens overtook the news this week, making talk of politics and campaigning seem trivial.

US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens, was assassinated this on Sept 11. Williams focused on this tragedy as opposed to the presidential race this week, with commendable levels of sympathy and grace.

When Brian Williams and Nightly News did cover politics, it was mostly done in relation to the other world events. This can be seen in Williams' coverage of the controversy Mitt Romney received in response to the tragedy, wherein he made it a political attack.

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The transition Williams even chose emphasized this. He linked the previous story to this one, which also includes President Obama's campaign's response to Romney's remarks.

Later on in the week, Williams covered the fact that Romney's attacks were softened and more broad, still, however, focusing on the strategy.

There was also a short story on Thursday, which focused on the most recent polling numbers, which have President Obama in the lead in several key states, including Florida and Ohio. But, really, that was it for the campaign coverage this week.

In a world where there are certainly more important things happening than campaign ads or broad talk about how terrible the other candidate is, I am happy that Williams chose to focus on these things this week.

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