Monday, September 24, 2012 - Political Powerpoints Reveal Power in Republican Camp

By Robert Schreier

Much of the class discussion last week surrounded covering the issues versus the "horse race" between the candidates in the 2012 Presidential Election.

What was not included in this debate was feature or "in-depth" pieces that allow the audience to go behind the curtain or to raise the level of interest in niche elements in the election season. allowed its online readers to go inside the mind of Republican Vice President candidate Paul Ryan's presentation style, opening up discussion for its impact in other aspects of the race and the inter-workings his camp.

Slide Man

The article details that Ryan turned back to old practices of using a PowerPoint presentation during his speeches to better communicate with his audiences.

The Wisconsin congressman used four slides to visually aid his speech to a crowd at the University of Central Florida Friday to help demonstrate the problems with the nation’s debt and how spending has changed under President Barack Obama.

Evidence from earlier news reports confirm that Ryan has used the Microsoft Office application before to help aid his points for a controversial budget overhaul plan that has been largely criticized in his home state of Wisconsin.

NBC's Nightly News with Brian Williams featured a report on his radical economic plans back in April of 2011. Please see the embedded video for the full report from April 26, 2011 on the NBC news program.

Behind the Curtain

Reports surfaced Friday that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney camp discouraged Ryan to ditch his trademark visual aid during presentations and "town hall" meetings. 

Reports say Mitt is orchestrating Ryan's campaign trail
messages (Courtesy: AP Photo) 
This is an effort in part to have Ryan serve as a "mini Mitt" as the election day draws near so that more of the voters can get a better sense of what the presidential hopeful's policies will represent.

In fact, this includes more public appearances and a shifting of presentation style to reflect Romney's talking points that are far different than what is in Ryan's wheel house: this new budget plan.


It is indeed a small change, but NBC does highlight a concern by the Republican party that the time to strike is now in delivering policy and presidential promises rather than continue to hammer home a budget plan that has drawn heavy criticism from both sides of isle.

NBC must be commended in their coverage to highlight this small detail of the campaign trail in its surfacing of the Romney/Ryan campaign anxiousness to swing the popular vote in a "dead heat" race with 5 weeks remaining.

While this story will not be talked about at the water cooler Monday morning, or will it be featured on the Daily Show, but is does illustrate the backstage activities in the Romney/Ryan push for November.

Kudos to NBC in their coverage of this story as voter begin to realize the clock is ticking for their decision on the next President of the United States.

We now know that Ryan has put away his PowerPoint clicker and brought out heavy hitting policy points.

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