Sunday, September 16, 2012

Self-Promotion Is The Name Of The Game

Mike Bundt

Self-Promotion, everyone does it someway, somehow.

Nobody is immune from doing it.

Whether intentional or not, self-promotion is a very big part of our everyday lives as we try to make ourselves look better or try to give others a favorable opinion of us.

So it is no surprise that the number one thing that both presidential candidates use their facebook pages for is self-promotion.

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney love using their facebook pages to self-promote by posting positive propaganda, pictures of themselves spreading their messages.

Recently, Mitt Romney has been on a campaign to try to get seven million "likes" on facebook as he's trying to get more people to buy into his campaign.

Mitt Romney is trying to get more facebook "likes" on his official page
President Obama's facebook page has nearly four times as many likes as he seems to be more in touch with younger voters.

Whether it is his message or an ability to connect with social media, President Obama has been a step ahead of the curve.

President Obama became the first presidential candidate to use social media frequently when he used it in his 2008 presidential campaign and has continued to use it heavily ever since.

On the other hand, Romney is newer to the game but seems to have the hang of it as well.

While he has a lot less "likes", he still uses his page for mostly the same exact things that President Obama uses his page for.

And those things as I stated earlier mostly revolve around self-promotion.

While self-promoting yourself normally gets a negative vibe, it's not a bad thing when done by political candidates.

On facebook, it's a good way to get younger voters more involved and feel more in touch with politics.

By the candidates becoming involved with social media, they appear more down to earth and human to everyone else.

By just getting involved, they suck people in and draw interest to themselves. A little self-promotion is a gift they receive by becoming closer to us.

So while some people complain about how candidates self-promote themselves, I say that I don't mind one bit and say that facebook is the perfect outlet for everything they want to say.

Propaganda on President Obama's facebook page

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