Sunday, September 16, 2012

A [Smarter] Election

Sandhya Kambhampati

This #election2012, images are speaking louder than words and smartphones are a huge part of it.

With the growing popularity in Instagram and Twitpic, reporters, politicians and everyday people are snapping pictures on their smartphones and posting them to the web in seconds. Didn’t get tickets to see Biden when he was in your town?

Check Twitter.

With a simple search, you can instantly find (almost) second by second facial expressions of the politicians and the crowd.

@ASE  retweeted a picture of Mitt Romney giving his #GOP2012 speech. The tweet and picture which are below says, "President Obama has thrown allies like Israel under the bus."

Source: @ASE
Unlike an article, this live tweet from his speech provides social media users with the ability to reply to these tweets and let their voices be heard immediately.

Political reporters such as @stevebruskCNN   are using Twitpics and Instagram to not only provide live updates from events, but also capture protests, like the one below in Charlotte.
Source: @stevebruskCNN

To me, this image says it all. A tweeter can look at this and see the different protests going on across the country and sometimes in their own city.

Other reporters may see these protests and head over to the scene due to this picture.

That's the power of smartphones.

They're providing everyday images that don't necessarily need an article or video to go along with them and giving the opportunity for everyday people to let their opinions in #election2012 be heard.

These images are also providing outlets, such as CNN, to increase their viewers because of their powerful images that they tweet.

Now, anyone can tweet a picture, whether its with Biden at his stop at Dairy Queen or the face that Kal Penn made during the #DNC.

These are a few more of pictures that tell the story of how this election is truly shaping up to be one of the smartest elections all because of #instagram and #Twitpic.

Source: @CNNPolitics 
Source: @yoonCNN
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