Sunday, September 9, 2012

ABC News Joins YouTube Politics

Sara Nealeigh

ABC provides plenty of content on its election coverage website. Pictures, videos, and articles take up the page and give it color and life, if not a sense of clutter. Many other news sites have similar set ups, but ABC has found a way to distinguish itself from the crowd.

It is the only major network to join in on a new, revolutionary idea. provides one main page for different news outlets to post videos related to the election.

Other outlets that appear on the site are Aljazeera, BuzzFeed, Univision, and even the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have jumped into the video coverage realm.

ABC News has added videos to this channel, surprisingly leaving out its competition in other major news networks. Whether this strategy is working or not, the network decided to take the chance.

The most recent video added to has just over 32,000 views, by far their most viewed. 

Courtesy: YouTube

The videos added to that page are in addition to video content that is already on their homepage. While ABC websites (including OTUS), offer some videos, the number found on the YouTube page is significantly larger and more detailed.

I found it interesting that in the most watched videos there is very little commentary or reporter stand up. The videos are mostly of speeches and the occasional interview.

Whether this is a sign of the future of news or not, there is no doubt that ABC took notice of this trend and has continued to cater to it.

The homepage of ABC Politics has an interesting mix of traditional package videos and the straightforward speech videos available. But this content is all at the bottom of the page.

All written stories and Twitter update boxes take over the top of the page. Videos are tucked away at the bottom of the site, a strange placement for a multi-media outlet. Especially since it sought out the use of YouTube to help boost video content. Still, it is one of the few major networks to take advantage of the additional YouTube outlet.

Whether it helps or hurts their coverage numbers will take some time to determine. 

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