Sunday, September 30, 2012

ABC Preps for Debates

Sara Nealeigh

This week, the ABC site and OTUS (Of The U.S.) is focusing on preparations for the upcoming presidential debate.

One article found on the website laid out in a question and answer format, some FAQs on how Mitt Romney will be preparing for this debate.

Another quotes President Obama as saying he wants to have a "serious discussion about what needs to happen to keep the country growing and restore security for hard working Americans."

Both men are, according to these articles, preparing in generally the same way; with panels of top advisors.

OTUS effectively evaluates their preparations, though giving more attention and reader-friendly style to the Romney-related stories.'s politics tab takes a look at the vice-presidental debates. A full story discusses Paul Ryan's preparation tactics for facing off with Joe Biden.

The previews for the debates are informative and easy to understand. ABC's online department did a nice job of combining different styles of stories and angles on preparation to keep readers interested.

A personal favorite of mine was the Q&A style story on ABC's politics page. It is easy to read, and doesn't complicate any of the answers. While the answers are swayed more than a bit in Mitt Romney's favor, the article is about the way he is preparing and his personal methods and accomplishments.

In comparison, the article that discusses President Obama's preparation focus's on a quote from the President describing himself as "just ok" at debating. Not only does this help paint a positive picture for Mitt Romney in the debate, but it makes the President look laid back and unprepared.

The article itself is from the AP wire, not even original ABC material, like the Q&A article. The last sentence briefly mentions the President's preparation plans. It also points out that President Obama called Mitt Romney a "good debater."

While the articles were informative, I found them to sway more heavily than usual toward Romney as the debates approach. Overall, I was satisfied and almost pleasantly surprised with the content for the preview of the debates from ABC and OTUS.

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