Sunday, September 30, 2012

Facebook Pages Gives Fans What They Want

Mike Bundt

I have shocking news for everyone following this year's presidential race. You're probably wondering; What is this shocking news? What is Mike talking about?

In reality, the news isn't shocking at all but instead information that everyone should know but rarely discusses.

When political candidates use facebook, it is only used to stimulate what their supporters like and give them what they want to hear.  Candidates don't reveal anything huge or revolutionary on Facebook.

I would question who actually runs each candidate's Facebook page and how much interaction they have with it at all.

I'm not saying that it's a bad thing that both candidates give their supporters what they want but I will say that it dramatically lowers the amount of worth these pages have from a news angle.

When catering to only your supporters, there is an incredible amount of bias, propaganda, attacks on opposing candidates, and self-promotion.

That's all great to hear if you're a supporter of that particular candidate but if not, it doesn't really provide any reasons why your candidate sticks out above an opponent.

For example, right now, Republican candidate Mitt Romney's Facebook page is on a campaign to get eight million likes.

That's great that his Facebook account is trying to promote his page but is virtually meaningless when it comes to the election.

I guess what I'm trying to say when you get down to the nitty gritty is that I think each candidate's Facebook pages are pretty useless from a news perspective or if you already know who you're going to vote for.

People that like each candidate's pages aren't people that are undecided and trying to decide which is the better choice.

It's people that already know who they want and blindly use each candidates propaganda to support their choice.

I think having Facebook pages are good for things such as self-promotion and agree with all of the ways each candidate is using theirs.

I just don't value their pages much from a factual and high importance level.

In today's world, candidates need social media to interact with people and to show they care BUT when people take their pages too seriously, I think theirs a problem.

When someone is trying to get to a certain amount of likes, it's almost as though they're trying to boost their celebrity or image by saying a certain amount of people support them.

While this might be the new thing in politics, I think it'll need to change if it wants to have significant importance beyond the delusional supporters who take everything as fact without questions.

President Obama's facebook page trying to get more donations for his campaign

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