Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Daily Show: Comic Relief

Leah Petrovich

The election is less than two months away. It's on every news outlets' prime time coverage. The convention coverage the past two weeks was the lead story for many networks newscasts.
Is anybody else feeling overwhelmed? I feel like the extensive coverage is a good thing to help keep voters informed, but sometimes it's a little overkill; articles, broadcasts, commercials, posters, and even a YouTube channel
<---If the constant, dry coverage of the election has you feeling like this guy, I think it's time for you to become a regular viewer of The Daily Show.

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Jon Stewart's episode last Friday made a parody out of former governor of Michigan, Jennifer Granholm's speech at the DNC. She was animated to say the least. Her arms were flapping high and low and her voice was hitting some far ranging pitches.

Stewart imitated her in his dialogue, and referred to her as a "drunk flight attendant." Stewart also takes a crack at Reince Priebus, a RNC chairman who spoke at the RNC, who spoke with a nagging-like voice.

It made me realize that these politicians do silly things. After all, they are human too. But most importantly, it's okay to laugh about it. Politics always seems so serious and The Daily Show makes politics feel lighter.

So, take some time away from the "unbiased" traditional coverage, and crack some laughs with Stewart. Here's the episode I just watched that features the bit on Granholm and Priebus. It will make you laugh!

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