Sunday, September 9, 2012

CNN on Facebook: Lacking content since the end of RNC & DNC?

Jillian Bloemer

Throughout the days leading up to and the days of the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention, the CNN Facebook page had a consistent influx of new stories and information. Because CNN does not cover politically related stories exclusively, there were other world news stories scattered throughout the timeline to keep  followers updated. Despite other world news coverage, election coverage stories were posted every few hours on the CNN page. 

However, since signing off on the RNC and DNC coverage, the postings on CNN's Facebook page have decreased significantly. Since the end of the DNC on Friday, there have only been seven recent postings, only one of which was related to the election and politics. 

I was slightly shocked that it didn't have more than just that one story. Even though the conventions are over and there is not as much to talk about, I thought, perhaps, it would follow the candidates in their days post-conventions. 

Another aspect of the page that I noticed, was that the information posted wasn't always balanced. When scrolling down the timeline of CNN's page, I felt there were more stories and polls geared towards Democrats. 

Although I like the idea of taking polls from their followers (I think it's a great way to get readers to interact with them) I would have liked to have seen an even balance between the two parties. 

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