Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Daily Show: Reports from Tampa

Leah Petrovich

The Daily Show didn't have to search hard for a scene to mock from the Republican National Convention last week in Tampa. Last Thursday, Clint Eastwood, the five time Academy Award winner, gave an unconventional speech to the roaring crowd of republicans. I say unconventional because it was impromptu, and was also difficult to follow. He claimed an empty chair to be President Obama, and spoke back and forth with the invisible president throughout the speech. Needless to say, this was a main laughing point for Jon Stewart. The only thing I took away from the movie star's speech was that he thinks a business man should be president, not a lawyer.
Eastwood at the RNC on August 30.  Photo courtesy of Poynter.org

You can view the The Daily Show from August 31st here.

In this episode, Stewart talked about how quickly people jumped to bash Obama after he took office. A few analysts were making negative comments just 8 days after his inauguration. Stewart joked that we only waited an entire Hanukkah for Obama to succeed. He pointed out that we all blame one man for all of the problems in the world. It always falls on the President.

I think I learn more about the candidates and the election from Stewart than I do from conventional news sources. With The Daily Show, it's all inclusive. Although it usually is all a mockery, all political parties are presented and the most popular issues are discussed. Stewart plays devil's advocate, and provides angles not commonly talked about in traditional mediums. However, I'm not sure I'm convinced that The Daily Show is a credible source of news. If Stewart considers himself a journalist, shouldn't he be concerned with balancing his stories and fairly presenting the subjects' stories? I'm going to be investigating more about how Stewart covers the election and the techniques he uses to provide his viewers with information. Leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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