Sunday, September 9, 2012

Congressman Tim Murphy (R-PA) - Celebrities and Politics Don't Mix

Devin Bartolotta

Part of what we've been discussing in class is the contrast between the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention. While the RNC brought in Clint Eastwood to speak, the DNC brought in celebrities from all walks of stardom, including Natalie Portman, the Foo Fighters, Olympian Gabby Douglas, Will.I.Am, Eva Longoria, and Mary J. Blige.

Our debate in class was whether or not the presence of celebrities would be effective in drawing in the young voter, and we were torn. Do big names in the headlines bring in students that normally would glaze over politics? Or is this tactic seen as taking a cheap shot at educated voters?

I had the opportunity this weekend to sit down with Tim Murphy, the U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania's 18th Congressional District to talk about the subject and his advice for young people voting in their first election.

This was also my first experience at a political fundraiser, and getting to talk to the campaign coordinators and fundraiser planners was an interesting experience. The whole process is very streamlined and easily put together, Dr. Murphy even had two events back to back in different towns on the same evening.

During the interview, I brought up our in-class debate about the effectiveness of celebrity endorsements. Here is a clip of his opinion on the subject:

We talked a lot about what young people should look for in a candidate, in the media, and during the election. Here, he told me what the difference this election will make for college students in the coming years and why voting this year is so important:

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