Sunday, September 9, 2012

Candidates Use Positive Spin on Facebook

Michael Bundt

Normally, when discussing political elections with the average citizen, you'll hear a lot of talk centered on each candidate's negative spins.

Candidates have a tendency to rely on negative ads that attack their opponent in order to try to sway voters to not to vote for their opposition.

These negative ads have only increased in recent years and with the country being less bi-partisan than ever before, it seems like neither candidate can ever say something positive about one another.

While the negative ads and lack of agreement on issues in America continues, some things have changed in the political landscape when it comes to media usage by candidates.

Obama's profile picture on facebook
While in the past, candidates used media sources such as television, radio and newspapers as their main source of spreading their message, the internet and social media has now risen to become a very important source of information and trying to sway voters.

But unlike traditional forms of media where candidates are forced to pay for ads or appear in news stories bashing opponents, candidates actually use social media for positive spins on their word.

Instead of focusing exclusively on one or two things, candidates use social media such as Facebook for many purposes.

One thing that I have noticed less of on each candidates official pages is attacks on one another.

Sure, their are some attacks and sometimes, there's a lot more attack posts than non-attack posts.

But normally, each candidate uses their facebook pages to promote themselves by posting pictures at rallies, showing positive propaganda, or telling their followers what they believe in and what they want to do for the United States.

Mitt Romney's cover photo on his official facebook page
Both candidates use social media the way the majority of Americans wish they could carry themselves in traditional forms of media (or at least be portrayed that way.)

They focus on the positives in social media, something more Americans want to hear about.

Americans are tired of hearing how divided the country is and constant negative talk about each others parties.

Americans want to unite and make this country great again.

By following each candidates Facebook pages, you get an inside glimpse of what they believe in and how they actually want to achieve these goals.

So while it may sound odd, I believe that by following each candidates facebook page, you actually get a truer sense of what each candidate stands for, and a unique resource to gain a broader understanding of politics while hearing a rare positive spin that often is hidden in traditional media.

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