Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everything but Election News...

Jillian Bloemer

This week I chose to focus on the NBC News Facebook page. To say I was disappointed in election coverage would be an understatement. NBC never had a shortage for stories, but in the past week, there was a shortage for election news.

Within the past week, stories ranged from the ruling on Kate's topless photo scandal, to news about Libya, to the space shuttle Endeavor's final flight into retirement, to news about a crew of researchers catching and tagging a 15-foot, 2,292 pound great white shark of the coast of Massachusetts.

Out of the many news stories that NBC posted within the last seven days, only five of the stories mentioned the presidential candidates. 

Another thing that shocked me was that the Facebook page did not mention the 47% video once. For other news sources, this video was a huge source of controversy and took up large portions of their news shows. Although I did not watch NBC News this week, a friend of mine said they at least mentioned it on their news broadcast. However, I did not see it mentioned once on their Facebook page.

Watch the controversial video HERE.

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