Sunday, September 23, 2012

The BBC making Romney's bed. Or is he?

Bradley W. Parks

Finally, after a week of waiting, the BBC returned to the ballgame of covering the United States presidential election. And after allowing a week's worth of events play out for observation, it appears the BBC's coverage is putting Governor Mitt Romney to bed in this election.

It seems terribly early to jump to conclusions, but after a campaign of missteps for Mr. Romney, his coverage is going south, not just on the BBC, but other media outlets as well.

The BBC took the time to highlight Mr. Romney's "private" fundraiser PR gaffes, explain the magnitude of the mistakes and analyze their effects on the election.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama flew under the radar this past week. Taking a look at the BBC's US election page, seven of eleven front page stories and videos focus on Mr. Romney.

Eight of the front page stories at the very least make note of Mr. Romney's remarks in the secret video provided by liberal news magazine Mother Jones. All four videos on the front page deal directly with the remarks, while four of the written stories make mention.

So while Mr. Romney receives such negative coverage from the BBC, his deficit in the "Poll of Polls" is growing.

After the Republican National Convention, Mr. Romney enjoyed a slight one percent lead. However, in the time since, the gap has jumped an entire four percentage points in favor of Mr. Obama to give the incumbent a three percent lead.

The BBC's coverage made Mr. Romney's woes a primary feature on its website. The governor's fall has the BBC seemingly putting him to bed as the loser of this election before ballots have even been cast.

However, after seeing the events play out this past week, the fall may be Mr. Romney's own doing.

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