Sunday, November 4, 2012

Race Tightens, FOX Steps Up Their Game

Devin Bartolotta

There have been many headlines that have actually evoked a physical eyebrow raise from me in the past, but this one took the cake. I was shocked to find this article, and even more shocked that it hasn't appeared on any other news outlets yet. A check to CNN and ABC News turned up nothing for me, in what seems to be an extremely important headline.

Rightly so, all of the headlines seem to be about the last 48 hours before the election. Luckily for news outlets, this race has become so close that they actually have things to write about other than rallies. Interesting coverage has also included this article about the Redskins loss, supposedly implying a Romney victory on Tuesday. In fact, I've actually enjoyed campaign coverage in the past few days.

This race will come right down to the wire, and candidates are scrambling. It's safe to say that neither President Obama or Romney will sleep tonight or tomorrow, as the whole world watches their last-minute campaign moves. FOX News' polls have Romney with an extremely slight lead, but is still calling Ohio a tossup.

FOX News has done a great job this week at finding smaller, interesting stories to keep the election exciting for readers. I'm looking forward to see how they cover election night, and how they can shake it up from the "norm" we've all gotten used to.

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