Monday, November 5, 2012

Let's vote already!

Bradley W. Parks

The BBC continued with its hands-off coverage this week, especially in a time where another story in the United States trumped the election -- a rare feat.

Superstorm Sandy overshadowed the presidential election not just in the news, but in the candidates' campaign schedule.

It could have been a matter of just that: the candidates weren't exactly hot on the campaign trail, so there wasn't much to cover.

Oh how fun

An interesting thing I found digging through the election page on the BBC is this infographic. The interactive chart provides a lot of necessary information for the election junkie.

The graphic covers the swing states and upon clicking gives readers the number of electoral votes, a short introduction, demographic information, economic overview of the state, and the state's 2008 voting record. Here's a look at Ohio:

Late to the punch

The BBC was relatively silent all week on the U.S. Election. However, this morning, the day before the election, it posted its "last campaign day" coverage.

The collection is made of past multimedia stories with a written portion marking where the campaigns will be on Monday, the final day on the trail before the big shebang.

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