Monday, November 26, 2012 - Procrastinating the Cliff

By: Rob Schreier

With the 2012 Presidential Election on the back burner, major news websites and television programs are turning their focus to the notoriously dubbed "Fiscal Cliff" that is rapidly approaching dated for the New Year.

Hit the Breaks! (
It seems as though this critical date to the world's economy has slid under the radar somehow because of the election media fire and close-knit contest that was Romney/Obama.

Now, current politicians and media outlets are in "hurry-up" mode to get the public, and themselves, aware of the current bargaining chips for either party in Washington standoff between Republicans and Democrats.

Republicans hold the position that loopholes and budget cuts are the answer to lowering the deficit. On the flip side, Democrats are preparing for a tax increase battle that will dig back into Republicans' past.


The new social media inferno this week on Capitol Hill is the Washington D.C. lobbyist Grover Norquist, who swayed Republican leaders to sign a document for satuch defense of raising taxes.

Created in 1986, it still holds strong (
The document, only 58 words long, was created in 1986. But, it has been signed by several Republican leaders, even by presidential hopeful Mitt Romney last year.

The two elements of the document pledge that the signee shall never raise taxes and shall not lessen tax deductions.

So, the right is at a standstill as the clock continues to click.

She's Movin'!

Hold that thought...

After the holiday weekend, the Right has decided to find error in dedication and loyalty to a document that was made over 20 years ago.

And frankly, there is too much on the line not consider moving off of rigid party lines in a time of needed flexibility and agreement.


Returning to the original thought of the post and refocusing to the impact of the election, this is an unprecedented story following the election.

FDR had the pen ready, Today's Congress should too (
Outside of FDR's First 100 Days in office after the Great Depression, there has not been a more critical stretch of post-election legislation in Washington between these times.

If the movement is slow paced, there may be several last-minute meetings and major decisions made as folks open holiday gifts late in December.

Still on NBC's Political Front Page, 25 days after the election (
With the exhausting news cycle that just completed over the election, I can sense there is a hangover effect of having to "gear up" for the Fiscal Cliff.

I urge to remove their electoral college map, information about Romney's campaign, and election-based political cartoons section with more pressing matters.

Here's to hitting the breaks before the Cliff!


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