Sunday, November 4, 2012

Candidates Focused On Ohio

Mike Bundt

It shouldn't be any surprise where both candidates are focused on right now.

With the election only a day away, Ohio is drawing all of the attention of both campaigns. Whoever wins the state will most likely win the election and both are trying to get one final run in.

On both candidates facebook pages, you can tell that the election is nearing.

Both candidates are presently using their pages, urging people to vote and to make a difference.

Romney is focused on trying to sway Ohio voters onto his side, telling them why he would be the right choice for them and the United States.

Photo from Romney's facebook page
He has held rallies in Ohio over the past week and is trying really hard to reverse the current polls that have President Obama leading in the state.

President Obama has also been focused on the state of Ohio although he has been more focused on early voting in the state.

In 2008, early voting was at an all-time high and heavily favored President Obama over John McCain.

President Obama is hoping that trend continues this year as he has posted several messages urging people to vote early.

Message on President Obama's facebook page
One thing is clear, with the election coming up on Tuesday, both candidates are ramping up their efforts at making one last run to sway voters.

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney have been constantly urging their base to go out and vote and realize the importance of this election.

They both already know what it will take to win this election, hence the strong focus on the state of Ohio.

Now, all we have to do is wait two more day before we eventually find out who will be in office during the next four years.

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