Tuesday, November 27, 2012

NYTimes.com: Splitting the Lines

Kaitlyn Crist

Kept Promises or Empty Words? 

Every election (this one not excluded) comes with a myriad of promises.

President Obama promises to cross party lines on his final 2012 election stretch.

One big promise that always seems to be on the table is to reach across party lines. To take bipartisanship to a whole new level and get rid of the split policies that are said to be "ruining Washington."

Now that the elections are over, is that the case? Are promises being kept? Are those on Capitol Hill doing the best to compromise with testimonies on the attacks on the Libyan Embassy underway, and the fiscal cliff looming?

Back to Old Ways

The stories this past week seem to show that these promises were yet again soon forgotten.
This photo pokes fun at the often volatile relationship
between Republicans and Democrats
via aviewfromtheright.com

With headlines such as Foreign Policy’s Bipartisan Trio Becomes Republican Duo and
G.O.P. Senators Not Satisfied as Rice Concedes Error on Libya, the top stories look like they have for the past four years. 

The G.O.P is still pointing fingers at the Democratic administration over the Benghazi attacks. 

There is little compromise as the Bush Tax Cuts are set to expire not only from both sides but also from the businesses that beinfit with them. 

Will Things Ever Change?

For the past decade, promises have been made to bring the left and right to the center. 

Will this change ever be made? It is always discussed that the voters will make the change. 

Voters will eventually vote into office those in the middle who will reach across party lines. 

That has not yet been the case with voters, and as newly elected officially don't seem to be doing any better at closing the gap. 

With this election over, the focus has been on rebranding the Republican party. 

Lets hope with this rebranding comes a shift towards the middle, and that the Democrats will follow suit.

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