Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Almost Over!

Jillian Bloemer

And it's almost here! As we head into a day of chaos tomorrow, the three news outlets I've been focusing on have had a variety of coverage over the past week. However, the coverage hasn't been all about the election... For the first time (maybe ever) there were bigger worries than the presidential election as Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast, destroying everything in its path.

For the past week, the majority of coverage done by ABC World News with Diane Sawyer was primarily news about Sandy and ways to donate. With only one day left before elections, one would expect to see some sort of election headline at the top of their Facebook page; however, this is not the case.

The top post was a picture about 'A Day of Giving,' urging all those viewing it to donate to Hurricane Sandy relief.

On another note, CNN's focus was (unexpectedly) on everything election related. To my surprise, there were very few stories about Sandy and her destructive ways. Almost every story posted over the last week was regarding the upcoming presidential election. CNN's biggest story/post was a large picture with a link attached, informing its viewers that the polls were 'all tied up at 49%.'

As if they did it on purpose to help even out my blog (oh, so helpful of them), Fox News had an almost dead even amount of coverage regarding the election and Sandy. While the other news outlets focused on either one or the other, Fox did a great job of keeping its viewers updated on both issues. 

Many of the stories regarding Sandy were either human-interest-like pieces, or stories about how much damage the storm has done and what kind of things were being done to help fix the damage.

One of the more prominent stories was about the cancelation of the NYC Marathon in lieu of the hurricane. In this story, New Yorkers were criticizing Mayor Bloomberg for even thinking of focusing on the marathon, and ignoring all the chaos encircling New York City.

In almost every instance, Fox News alternated between topics.. every election story was followed by a post about Sandy, and vice-versa. I found this page to be the most informative because I could keep track of all the issues at one time.

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