Sunday, November 25, 2012

FOX: What to focus on now

Devin Bartolotta

FOX News is not alone in that it has run out of things to talk about with the presidential race. However,  many outlets, including FOX, have turned some of their attention to Congress. Coverage on Congress seemed to lack in this election, as expected, but it's good to know that the media is now taking the time to analyze who is in the House and how things are expected to go in the coming years. For example, this story about Iraq and Afghan war veterans, including a double amputee, that are now taking their talents to Capitol Hill.

I did find it really interesting that FOX is not choosing to go into deep coverage on the Secretary of State situation. As we discussed in class last week, the media really dropped the ball on the coverage of the fact that Hillary Clinton did resign. Now, FOX (and not just FOX, but others as well) have seemed to drop the ball once again on covering who the next Secretary of State will be. There's big talk about John McCain potentially blocking a nomination for Susan Rice to be next secretary of state, but not much coverage on the matter. I was surprised that it didn't hold bigger importance on FOX's politics homepage.

Overall, I think it's safe to say that FOX is taking an overall break from the nitty-gritty of politics for the time being, perhaps still in the haze of the "election hangover." Or perhaps there is simply so much going on in the wake of the election that it's difficult to know what to focus most strongly on.

I'd also like to point out that I've struggled throughout this blog to include multimedia. This is mostly because, unlike I've been taught all of my years as a broadcast journalist, FOX's video does not compliment its text. Their video tells entirely different stories, rather than supplementing the stories that are already on the website. It's something that has irritated me for quite a while, as it is nearly impossible for me to include video in my posts that relate to my topic of choice.

However, after lots of searching, I did find one video that supplemented the Susan Rice issue.

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