Monday, November 19, 2012

Facebook Use Changes After Election

Mike Bundt

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney have both changed how they use social medial following this year's historic presidential election.

With President Obama now elected into office for the next four years, he has stopped his propaganda campaign and attacks on Romney in favor of using facebook to try to send positive messages and unite the country.

This makes a lot of sense for the president to use his page this way since the election is over now.

While he has posted less often since the campaign has ended, his page still gets updates and is a nice way for the President (or whoever is running his facebook page) to interact with his supporters.

Romney on the other hand, appears to have stopped his social media use for the present moment.

The former Massachusetts governor has only posted once since election night and hasn't posted anything since November 10th.

Photo from Romney's last fb post.
With Romney no longer in the race for President and his political career on hold, it makes sense that he might not post anymore on facebook.

His last post thanked his followers for their support.

While it would be nice to see both men continue to actively use facebook, it makes sense if they don't as often from here on out considering they now have nothing to gain from the use besides continuing to stimulate their followers.

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