Monday, November 19, 2012

Fox News, All Over the Map

Jillian Bloemer

Elections are pretty much old news, if you ask me. And from the looks of it, Fox News' Facebook Page would agree with me. Their coverage of election news has been sparse, with only a few post-election stories about President Obama.

The majority of Fox's page is a miscellaneous mess. Don't get me wrong, their posts are important, but Fox didn't seem to have much of a common theme this week.

Out of this week's posts, four were about the CIA and Petraeus, two about President Obama, one about Hurricane Sandy recovery, three about Benghazi and Libya, two about the Jerusalem bombing and 7 miscellaneous stories about Hostess, Korea, the BP oil spill and Santa giving firearms for Christmas.

Additionally, I was surprisingly unimpressed with how the stories were presented. There weren't any big, attention-grabbing pictures or headlines, this week. Fox's Facebook page was very 'blah'. On some of the posts, Fox didn't even add their own captions (see above).

Perhaps they had other things going on in the newsroom, or maybe they were just lazy. Either way, Fox News' Facebook page was not very interesting this week.

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