Sunday, November 4, 2012

ABC Looks Toward Election Night

Sara Nealeigh

With just over 24 hours to go until election day, ABC News and other news outlets are focusing on how the candidates are giving their closing arguments.
Screenshot: ABC Politics page

ABC News has multiple articles on how President Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Governor Mitt Romney have been spending the last few days on the campaign trail.

One push that ABC's OTUS (Of The United States) blog suggests, is the final television ad that the Obama campaign launched in Florida and Virginia.

ABC says  these ads focus mostly on women and urging the people within the viewing areas to go out and vote. The Obama campaign's most recently released ads recall the 2000 election, where only 537 votes decided the winner.

Finally, you can go back to pacing the living room over the latest episode of The Walking Dead, without also freaking out over the election during commercial breaks.

But this week, the article that caught my eye right away was less of an article, and more of what the news should have been providing consumers with all along: a list of issues and how both candidates stand on them.

It was definitely a pleasant surprise to go down through the article and see standard issues, such as taxes, foreign policy and the economy. But there were also some more detailed issues, such as gay adoption and relations with Africa.

This helpful little tool was published earlier this week, but honestly should have been made available weeks ago. This sort of information is a large part of what voters want, and shouldn't wait to be published until the week of elections.

In order to provide even more election coverage on Tuesday, ABC News will be livestreaming from their website beginning at noon. Their special Election Night event show will begin at 7 p.m. and will also be streamed from their website.

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