Monday, November 5, 2012 - "Barnburner" Campaign Day...Maybe

By Rob Schreier

News and notes from the final moments of campaign speeches, flag waving, and polling with the next President of the United States to be named tomorrow night.

Both candidates are making final ditch efforts to rouse voters to their side in key swing states of Ohio, Wisconsin, and Iowa.

However, with a "down to the wire" finish, the details are what counts.

NBC political writer Michael Isikoff details four nightmare scenarios that could unfold tomorrow that could essentially waste the efforts of millions of dollars and months of work because of recent events, highlighted by Hurricane Sandy.

Hey Sandy Girl

Hurricane Sandy Destruction (Courtesy of Business Week)

There's nothing like a natural disaster one week before one of the most important elections in our lifetime to throw a wrench into the gears of the political system.

Devastation, displacement, and disgust now rule the landscape on the East Coast, specifically in New Jersey, where over 240 political polling centers were out of commission from reports over the weekend.

This has left the Garden State in a tangle with determining alliterative voting locations. However, all of the potential solutions have flaws and outcry from political sides on either isle.

No matter the case, the voting numbers from the areas that are affected by Sandy and the aftermath will be discussed and analyzed like the 2000 election battleground in Florida and the "hanging chads."

Provisional Problems

Absentee Ballots - where are you? (Courtesy of
Current swinger state Ohio has a major problem with provisional absentee ballots that could delay the official results of the largest determinant for the presidential winner.

Close to 300,000 absentee ballots have not been accounted for as a result from all the absentee ballots being sent out to 6.9 million voters, regardless of whether or not they requested their ballots.

This leaves major questions and doubt at the polls for those who have not sent the ballots in. Either, they must put their votes in the mail today or make it to their respective precinct Tuesday. To that end, if these folks decide to vote on election day, there is the issue of "double voting."

What's more is according to Ohio law, these votes will not be counted until Nov. 16, 10 days after the election.

Put it this way, it could be worse that Twilight being released a week after it was supposed to hit book shelves.

Finding Frauders

A hotly debated topic has been the application of voter fraud laws in key battleground state of Pennsylvania and Texas.

Heck, Let your voice REALLY be hear! (Courtesy of
The polling locations themselves are in jeopardy to some degree, so much to the point that there is discussion of any "safe" polling locations at all?

Lack of paper trail, political sects causing chaos trying to avoid fraud, "butterfly"'s frankly overwhelming.

The biggest fear of yours truly, already being caught in the barrage of the Ohio election magnifying glass, is having the race drag on fueled by controversy.

Brace yourself for these situations, and let's hope that nitrogen stays out of the tomorrow night's political fire.

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