Tuesday, September 30, 2008

FoxNews.com: Bailout Bashing

by Alex Mazer

This week on the Fox Site I wanted to look at an article more specifically rather than just the website as a whole. The article I found interesting is Obama, McCain Play Politics With Bailout Failure. This article talked a lot about the plans that both candidates have to fix the economic problem.

I thought this article was some what biased because the majority if not all of the quotes within the article were quotes from McCain. On the other hand though, the quotes all seemed negative. Also one of the sentences said that Obama had no comment on the good or bad plans of his running opponent.

As I read further however, I found that each opponent was equally taking stabs at the other. I found this funny because this article makes both candidates sound like a bunch of old women bickering at eachother. It will be interesting to see how this next debate is reported on.

I also looked at some video of the infamous Fox commentator Bill O'Reilly. In my opinion I feel like there is no finger pointing going on by him in this clip. Instead he is blaming the government as a whole. Now this may be a rarity but this proves that he is cabable of being less biased.

So in conclusion for the blog of the week. I can see where there are biases sometimes but when we really listen and keep an open mind we can see that there are many things that are unbiased about the site.

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