Friday, September 19, 2008

Fox Something for Everyone?

by Alex Mazer

After reviewing the Fox News Channel website’s election ’08 coverage, there are defiantly some things that I like and dislike about the site. The page contains a lot of links, which is something that is very necessary to have in order to keep a reader’s interest. There are links to blogs, articles about the candidates, top stories about the election trail, videos and other media and polls. All these interactive media are key elements of a successful online news site. Having so many different elements to one webpage is very important in order to appeal to a wider audience. By offering videos as well as articles and blogs means there is something for everyone on this site no matter what your views may be.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the set up of the site. I found the top of the site, before I scrolled down to be very plain, despite the colors and links, and had this not been an assignment to analyze the site it may not have kept my attention for much longer than a glance. However, when I did finally scroll down I found a lot more sections that interested me.

I was also surprised but really liked how this site did not appear, at least to me, to be biased. There are good and bad articles about everyone involved in the election, on either side. This shows that they truly are just an unbiased resource for the American voter to reference during the process of deciding who to vote for.

Overall I was more impressed with this site than disappointed. I personally will use it as a resource for most of the election coverage because of the diversity of links and medium.

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