Friday, September 19, 2008 Hurricane Ike Political Coverage Irritating

by Jaime Baker

There were a lot of parts of MSNBC’s website that I really liked. The website specifically designed a page dedicated to the election and the candidates. That makes it very easy to find anything you might want on the election, without having to search through a bunch of other political stories. My favorite part about all of their political coverage is their “Turning Points” series. It looks back into some of the biggest story lines of past elections, like “Give ‘em Hell, Harry.” It’s a good refresher course for anyone who might not have lived during an election, or who may have forgotten about its history.

Something that really irritated me was how much emphasis MSNBC put on the outcome of the elections based on the natural disasters that have been occurring lately. In my opinion, no one can stop natural disasters from occurring, so a president really can’t have a stance about them. They can try to come up with relief efforts, but I don’t agree that people should base their votes on how a candidate can clean up after a natural disaster. MSNBC seems to be pushing the point that a candidate should be able to make everything better and I just don’t think that is feasible.

One story that surprised me was about the economic hardships helping to boost Obama’s support. The writer made it seem like it was McCain’s fault that the economy is bad because his party is in office. Stories like that cast a negative light on certain candidates but do it in a way that might not make reader’s realize what it is doing. It surprises me that some people feel like people in the same party are going to have the same actions.

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