Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fox News Channel: The Economy Remains Front and Center

By Allison Herman

Fox spent a lot of time this week focusing on the economic situation on Wall Street and how both candidates are handling the situation. Fox talked about how McCain may have dropped the ball a bit when he tried to take credit for the bailout bill – which ultimately didn’t pass the House. At the same time, they were talking about the comments House speaker Nancy Pelosi gave before the House voted on the bailout bill. I felt they weren’t being particularly nice to either side – saying McCain should have done this or done that, and he may have hurt his campaign, and saying Pelosi’s speech probably swayed the Republicans in the House to vote the bill down.

Fox also spent a lot of time talking about the first presidential debate. Several different reporters and politicians weighed in about both candidates, but Fox did seem to focus more on John McCain than Barack Obama. At the same time, I felt that they weren’t letting McCain off the hook too easy. They kept talking about what he should have done and what he should have said. And while a majority of the time was focusing on the Republican candidate, I thought it was reasonable and logical criticism. Maybe McCain is the one who has more work to do after the first debate to help boost his popularity again. After all, the polls Fox was showing say that Obama’s ahead again after Friday’s debate.

What really irked me when I was watching Fox News Channel this week was that I happened to flip on a segment called “Hannity’s America.” It was just this one guy, Sean Hannity talking about politics, and mostly the first presidential debate. From start to finish it was a ridiculously right-wing stance. I don’t think ratings or money from advertisers should be any reason to show commentary shows like that on a news network. This just further proves to me that these commentators are the reason Fox News gets the criticism of being ultra-conservative. It’s not the nightly newscasts – it’s the entertainers posing as news commentators.

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