Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MSNBC.com: Debate and Kissing Skills

by Jaime Baker

With the first debates just around the corner, MSNBC.com used a New York Times piece breaking down the past debates of each Presidential candidate. By reading the two articles, it would seem as though John McCain will be able to gain a few points in the race. McCain's track records in his 30-something national debates has been very good. After looking at most of his debates, the article says he used many of his insticts from when he was in the services. He is an aggressive competitor who is very good at seemingly scolding his opponents.

Barack Obama has always been a very good public speaker, so it surprised me to hear that the New York Times thought he would not fare as well in the debates. They make a good point in saying that one of his strengths may cause him problems in the debate. He is always very calm and cool and has good reasoning skills, but it may make him seem vulnerable and maybe a bit less in control. Another problem for Obama is that the first debate is about foreign policy, a subject in which McCain seems to excel in debates. I didn't realize that the debating past of the two would have such a huge role in this race.

The one thing that really bothered me this week is actually a little odd in my opinion. One of the head stories on MSNBC.com is about a former Brazilian model who used to date John McCain...or at least, she did for a week.
She talks all about how he was a "good kisser" and very romantic. Why is this a head story on MSNBC.com? This is something that would be a lead story in US Weekly, not on MSNBC. But, I mean, hey, great for John McCain. I'm sure a ton of people have wondered about his kissing skills.

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Stine Eckert said...

There's a great article in the Atlantic in which James Fallows gives his analysis after watching all 47 primary season debates in a row(!).


He writes that Obama might fare better than McCain in the debates and also ties the candidates performances to the type of president they would be. A very interesting piece.