Tuesday, September 30, 2008

MSNBC.com-- Driving the Economy...and Saturday Night Live

Jaime Baker

This week on MSNBC.com, all eyes were on the economy and the bailout plan. It even seemed to really overshadow the debates. I think that was mainly because no one knew if the debates would happen until that Friday. A main focus was on how each candidate countered the other's view on the bailout and the economy. A lot of blame is being thrown at both parties, because they both supported the bill. McCain will get a lot of grief for the failure of this bill because he was one of the people who went out on a limb to support the bill. His campaign needs to worry about inheriting some of the blame for the economy, plus try to support the plan.

Barack Obama is also catching some of the blame, with people saying that he did not do enough to try to help pass the bill. But he has less of a chance of taking a big hit in polls because of the bailout plan failing, mainly because he didn't put his head on the chopping block like McCain did.

There was some focus on the debate, but mainly about the fact that while more than 50-million people watched it, that was down 10-million from the first presidential debate four years ago, and less than the projected record breaking audience. According to a poll, most MSNBC viewers said Barack Obama came out on top in their views. Obviously, even the debates were driven by the bailout and economy issues.

One other big story on MSNBC.com this week was Saturday Night Live's use of Sarah Palin in a few of their skits. The skits have Tina Fey making fun of Sarah Palin, but have not focused on just the Republicans, but have been sticking it to both parties. But MSNBC.com seems to think it could sway voters opinions. I didn't realize SNL had that ability...I don't think they did either.

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