Monday, September 22, 2008

ABC.COM: Obama, McCain and the economy

Nina Wieczorek

Finally: The candidates focus on (one) issues!
And it's not Sarah P. The selected topic is the US-economy. So, did Obama's campaign benefit from this focus on a domestic issue versus McCain's team, which intented to keep people's eyes on foreign policy problems, like Iraq or Afghanistan?

Lots of Background Available
In all of ABC's big online content categories the two candidates and the economy play the main role. The Vote 08, The Note,

and also the Political Radar offer background information, comments and current videos and news on the candidates referring to this issue, for example the (too short) Fact Check-video .

Quite funny but is the little countdown that reminds the user on how much time is left till the first Presidential Debate.

Ouch, My Ears!
One of the candidates, however, didn't really stand out on this week for statements on the economy, but for entertaining videos and tv-performances: Sarah Palin! Though, she wasn't really the one who was funny, it's some of the impersonators , among them especially Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey sticks out with her little Beauty Queen crown...and this ear-hurting voice.

Dossiers: If You're Looking for Someone Special
Besides this little fun stuff I think the many different categories in the political radar are really useful.
The user can find current news, videos and dossiers with articles about the candidates and other politicians. So, if you're only interested in stories concerning Hillary Clinton, click on her name and you'll find quite a bunch of recent articels published by the website.

Perhaps Too Many Categories
In all, however, the site might provide too many categories for an easy and quick overview over the recent events and latest developments. At the front page there are these three already mentioned rubrics, the headlines, watch video, ABC News Program, abc News To Go (a must-have for your coffee-to-go) – where do I find what? It's quite redundant sometimes and the user can't make a clear distinction between the different links.

Not Very Critical
It seems the media tries to establish a new favourite term – Troopergate . There still remain questions about the firing of Alaska's ex-Security Chief and the issue keeps on being covered. But, what about Palin's reproach against Iran and its nuclear program? Saying someone plans a second holocaust should not be said that easily – does she have any prove?

Anyway, I think that, especially in comparison to foreign media (e.g. this german website of one of the two big public tv stations), the coverage of those remarks is much less critical.

Surprise, surprise!
It seems everbody wanted to surprise me this week :)
George W. Bush, because he's back in the spotlight and still president (somehow it's easy to forget about that after last week's discussions...), Bill Clinton because Hillary wouldn't have liked to be VP, Joe Biden because Obama won't take his Beretta, Sarah Palin because she doesn't protect her e-mails, Barack Obama for the accusation of having anything to do with the KKK and finally John McCain because he locates Spain in South America.

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