Monday, September 29, 2008 The (Not So) Beautiful Bailout Battle

by: Julie Hartz

Tune into any TV station or log onto any news website, and I can almost guarantee the top story will be the Big Bad Bailout. In an effort to further understand our huge financial crisis, I asked a family member recently what it all meant. Although it was a scary truth to face, it is a problem plaguing our country and we need to deal with it. I cannot say whether or not this Bailout Bill was the right legislation, but apparently the House didn't think so. You can read it for yourself and make your own decisions, but I warn you: it's very long.

I have to admit that with all this talk, I did expect the Bailout Bill to pass the House vote. We've heard over the past few weeks that the country needs to save these financial institutions and eventually the economy will bounce back. But when is eventually? Will our generation be paying for the mistakes that have occurred over the past decade well into our venture over the hill? These are all questions I still need answered.

But it has not taken the separate parties to start pointing fingers. Nancy Pelosi has been a huge target.

And of course, Democrats blame the Republicans and vice versa. offers a refreshing alternative, however: They want YOU to share your opinions about our financial meltdown.

This way, bloggers can interact with one another and share their viewpoints. It's a safe, open way to put your opinions out there or learn from others. Whatever way you get involved with the financial crisis, I suggest you learn as much as possible. Our economy is clearly having a difficult time right now, and the more educated decisions you can make, the better. And remember: this doesn't mean you still can't have any fun! Just know what's going on in our world and our country.

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