Monday, September 22, 2008

MSNBC-TV: Wall Street Steers Campaign & News Coverage

by Brooks Jarosz

As the Bush administration attempts to fix the economy by pumping in trillions of taxpayer dollars, eyes turn to the presidential candidates for approval or disapproval. Neither John McCain nor Barack Obama say they fully support the current administration's plan, however, neither offers a clear solution. During NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, reporter John Harwood tries to round out the economy issue and the candidates' views. Harwood said the economy issue only helps Obama in his fight for change. Harwood also said it has caused McCain to quickly shift the economy argument to a few corrupt individuals.

The candidates had the chance to say a few things and that opened a recent episode of Hardball with Chris Matthews. McCain said Obama had no plan at all. Obama tries to link McCain to Bush asking who has been running the country the last eight years. And reporter Carl Quintanilla continued a series called Where They Stand, highlighting various political issues. This week it was taxes and specifically focusing on the government's proposal. While it was quite interesting, it still came off as a campaign commercial for Obama. You be the judge...

Palin is still making headlines
Like it or not, the news media, including MSNBC-TV, continue to seek out the "real" Sarah Palin. Rachel Maddow spent a good ten minutes discussing and commenting on some controversial issues. I'm of course talking about the troopergate scandal, the family issues and even political tensions. Maddow leaned left as she said Palin is getting caught in "more denials" and becoming rather secretive. She sets up the idea that Palin has had this bad streak within her and that she has turned to advisors that at one time or another worked on George W. Bush's campaign. Maddow went a step farther and had Alaska Senator Lyda Green on the program to question her about Palin. Palin and Green worked side by side at one time but a new approach to a political campaign and policy separated them. According to Green, Palin raised taxes, alluding that having her as Vice President or President would be a bad thing.

Figuring it all out
With the current government still thinking about what to do with the economy, the two presidential campaigns seem to be twiddling their thumbs. Both are said to fear losing support and remain careful in selecting the right wording. MSNBC was quick to point out the failures of the current presidency. Four major tragedies were blamed on President Bush including 9/11, Katrina, the Iraq War and now the economy.

Overall, it seems that MSNBC is constantly repeating old information to the viewer. This information is beat to the death. With the struggling economy it's hard to determine who's going to come out with the right plan. Lately, it appears both campaigns have had to act reactive to a couple different situations. I predict in the next couple of weeks both parties will have firm outlines on how the economy can be fixed and bail itself out.

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