Monday, October 6, 2008

Fox News Channel: Newsworthy Character Jabs?

By Allison Herman

During this week’s analysis of Fox News Channel, the economy and the recent Wall Street bailout was still a big ticket issue. A lot of time was spent on what this bailout means for the economy, voters, the upcoming election, and also the candidates. Fox says that while each of the candidates will have to change their economic plans if they were to become president, they believe that Obama has more work to do, since many of his plans require an increase in taxes.

I think these kinds of stories are good to do in a time like this, because that is something that really matters to people. Either John McCain or Barack Obama will be President in the next few months, and the American people need to know what each plans to do to help fix the economy, as well as how each of the candidates can react and adapt to situations like the dismal stock market that can and will arise during a presidency.

Also related to the bailout were some personal attacks from the candidates. Obama made the news when one of his campaign ads referred to McCain as “erratic” in dealing with the current economic situation. On the other side, Sarah Palin made headlines with her jabs at Barack Obama’s relationship with William Ayers, saying Obama has been “palling around with terrorists.”

I think political ads and personal jabs are probably the least important and most annoying part of the political game, but maybe in this instance it’s kind of appropriate. People are interested in how McCain will handle the economy, and people are also interested in Obama’s so-called relationship with a domestic terrorist. I think it will be interesting to see how the whole Obama/Ayers thing plays out in the coming month, I just hope that’s not the only thing that the Republicans have to say in the final few weeks before the election.

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