Monday, October 6, 2008

ABC A Star is Born?

Nina Wieczorek

OK, Madonna doesn't want to have her in her show and Diddy and Matt Damon are scared by her, but some say she's a star anyway...a tv star!

Sarah Palin is back in the spotlight (if she was ever out of it) after the first and only Vice-Presidential debate last week.

And here's the really funny thing. The people I talked to about the debate told me that she was pathetic, that she didn't answer the questions, that she even told the moderator and Senator Biden she wouldn't answer their questions, but say what she wanted to say to 'the people of America' (which seemed to be her favorite catch phrase).

U.S. Media Paint Different Picture than People and Int'l Media
The news and articles I read the following day didn't reflect this negative picture, quite the contrary.
Here she is described, according to U.S media (e.g. here), as self-confident and safe in her answers, that there was no winner after the debate and that she didn't make any big mistakes, just like Senator Biden.
These international articles, however, describe Joe Biden as the winner and Palin as an 'advertisement fairy' for John McCain.

Fairy or Not – the Effect is Real
No matter how you might have seen the candidates doing during the discussion, the numbers changed in favor of the conservatives. 50% to 46% is how Obama and McCain run at the moment, according to the polls on

Fact Check
Also after this debate ABC double checks the numbers and arguments the candidates brought up. In the fact check video users can see what was true and what was exaggerated.

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