Monday, October 13, 2008 The Racial Race

by: Julie Hartz

It's been a subject matter lurking in the shadows of this entire election season...starting two years ago when the prospect of having a black president became a certain reality. Considering that a mere 50 years ago or so, the Civil Rights Movement was just getting started, many people thought it would be years, decades even, until we would see a black president in office.

Now is exploring how this is affecting people's decisions come November 4th.

And the main place CNN is exploring regarding this issue? That's right...the Buckeye State. Home to many of the students and faculty of Ohio University. CNN's John King explores how, in the battleground state of Ohio, the candidates' skin color will effect this election.

Many people believe Obama will suffer from the "Bradley Effect". In 1982, Tom Bradley, an African American, ran for California governor and lost, even though polls showed he was way ahead in the race.

I've known throughout this election that there are people in this country who are still racially biased. I knew that even before this election. But the fact that the future of our country could be decided based on the color of a candidate's skin is beyond me. We have made some great accomplishments over the years becoming a strong and united nation.

But in terms of diversity in office, we are way behind the times. There are foreign countries with female presidents and minority leaders that have been that way for many years. I think it is about time America grows up and looks at every person, not just every candidate, as the person they are instead of the color skin you see.

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