Tuesday, October 14, 2008

FoxNews.com: Fighting words spark the most interest

by Alex Mazer

After poking around the site this past week I have noticed that the Fox News election webpage is very interested in covering the stories about the candidates and their attacks on one another. I also found that these articles showed no bias because there is equal coverage of the "fighting words" from both parties.

The verbal attacks are getting even worse and I believe are getting out of hand. The Democratic Party and it's members are focusing their attacks mainly on Sarah Palin. The article "With Election Day Nearing, Distasteful Rhetoric a Two-Party Problem" reports the company Cafe Press is selling political T-Shirts that have sayings on them such as "Sarah Palin Is a C--T" and "Barack Obama is a CAN'T"

Both campaigns say they are unable to prevent or control what their supporters are doing, but I disagree. I think they hold the most power to motivate their supporters to cease these distasteful comments. They can encourage their supporters to concentrate on their campaign and forget about the other party and candidates. It is embarrassing to me that the people of this country go so far as to throw disrespectful words and phrases around.

The Sincerest Form of Flattery?
People of this country, and not just voters, are becoming obsessed with the candidates. They are even dressing their children like the candidates or going as far as having them immitate the candidates.

There is even a new adult film that depicts a Sarah Palin look-a-like. Fox correspondents speak about this film in a video clip online.

I think everyone should just stick to the issues at hand, vote for whomever they want, and let the rest of the country do the same.

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