Monday, October 6, 2008 Campaign "Dirty Work"

by Alex Mazer

Well it's getting to be about that time when the candidates have talked enough about their stances on issues and no longer have anything else to entice the viewing public; and so the "mudslinging" begins.

This week on FoxNews.Com an article that caught my eye was about the candidates basically bashing each other in the last month of the presidential race. I found this article to be very entertaining because it's a little ridiculous to see just how low the candidates will stoop to win this race. The article talks about the issues that both Obama and McCain are bringing out into the open about each others' pasts. It's almost like watching a boxing match just by reading this article. They each take jabs at each other.

First Obama says that McCain is associating with "questionable" people and then McCain comes back to say that Obama can't even answer questions he is asked and the slinging goes back and forth and back and forth. Don't they know the public is watching and reading about them fighting like children?

I don't like seeing an article such as this one published; no matter which news site it is. Articles such as this one show a degree of immaturity in each candidate; something I definitely don't want to read about or see in the man who will be the future president of my country.

Another one of my least favorite things to see during campaign season is the ads that are run by each party that attack each candidate.

I think that if each candidate stuck to their individual tickets it would maintain a greater level of repect in the public's eyes. I know mudslinging happens every year, but do continual wrongs eventually make a right?

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