Monday, October 20, 2008

NBC-TV: Obama v Palin

by Samantha Pompeo

Anyone who has some knowledge of the national election can tell you that it's coming quick. It seems that just yesterday we were trying to determine who would be facing John McCain in the election. But thankfully, we're only 14 days away. In two weeks, voters will head to the polls to decide the next president of the United States. So, if you've been living underneath a rock, you may ask who are the running mates? If you watched some of NBC, it'd seem as if the race was Obama vs. Palin. Where's John McCain? In a Nightly News story, McCain isn't the first Republican you see. Why, it's Sarah Palin! And look how funny she is, appearing on Saturday Night Live. But where is McCain? Oh, here he is.. let's show him complaining about Obama again.

It's hard for the "liberal media" to rid itself of that title when the focus seems to be primarily on the liberals. The following sit-down interview with Barack Obama appeared on the Today Show this week, but where was the sit-down with John McCain?

In the piece, there's no mention of Matt Lauer visiting McCain on the campaign trail. But, there is mention of Sarah Palin's competence. Whenever Barack Obama is interviewed, the abilities of Sarah Palin are discovered. The same is apparent with Joe Biden. Lauer makes a big point of questioning Obama, and he responds eloquently. But, when is McCain questioned about Biden's ability to run the White House? He isn't. And the same should be said about Sarah Palin. America should be able to make a responsible decision about Palin's capability without the constant badgering of political analysts. I'll say it again, for the umpteenth time... where are the issues? When will networks such as NBC go back to the basics of what the election is really about... the issues. Lets hope that, with the election in sight, the networks will switch its focus to the real election.

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