Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Daily Show: Countdown to Election Day

By: Leah Petrovich

It's crunch time. Election day is just a little over a week away. President Obama and Mitt Romney are making their last visits around the country.

Ohio is being hit hard with campaign messages. Last week on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart said, "I'm not sure if any other states are voting," because Ohio has been so noticeably targeted by both campaigns. Take a look at this short segment.

I learned some new information from this episode. Good, old Professor Stewart preached about a statement Romney has been making in his closing argument at the end of debates. Stewart says that Romney is giving a false figure of how many Department of Energy grant recipients failed. Romney is saying half, when Stewart reveals the real number is 8 percent.

Here's a closely related article: False Claims in Final Debate from FactCheck

In this short segment from a recent episode Stewart states that the government is always picking and choosing, a spin-off from a Romney remark. With that, he adds some information about Bain Capital.

Bain Capital, a private equity investment firm that Romney co-founded, had an interesting investment: Lifelike Co. A company that sold expensive, customized dolls to resemble the girl they were bought for. An article from WSJ better explains the ordeal.

As the final days draw near it will be an even closer race. I'm expecting some last minute dirt to arise or a powerful campaign commercial to pop up, especially here in Ohio.

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