Monday, October 29, 2012

The BBC: Yummy election coverage

Bradley W. Parks


Looking for light snack in the billion-course meal that is United States election coverage? The BBC has  the right bite just for you.

In the time since our last postings on the blog, the BBC added what it calls the Daily Diet for the U.S. Election, taking bits and pieces from what it thinks are the most interesting stories while also accepting viewer submissions.

From the looks of the latest Diet posting, the segment appears to be targeted at young voters, capitalizing on the most bizarre stories.

For example, for Oct. 26, the Diet included stories about stale rocker Meat Loaf endorsing Governor Mitt Romney, President Obama being carded when he went to the polls, and astrologists' views of the election.

He said, She said

In a story titled "Romney promises 'real change' to Obama's 'status quo'" the BBC breaks from what it had been doing prior to this month, covering issues.

The story simply restates what Governor Romney said at campaign rallies compared to what President Obama said at his, pushing the BBC's content into the lull of boring election coverage.

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