Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Puts Election On the Back Burner

Devin Bartolotta

There's finally something new to read in the news, as Hurricane Sandy has quite literally taken America by storm. So the election has been put on the back burner temporarily. Hurricane Sandy has definitely thrown both campaigns for a loop, impacting early voting all over the eastern half of the United States. Maryland has stopped early voting early this week because of the storms and storms all over will impeded rallies in important states.

While most news stations, FOX included, have used most of their resources to cover Hurricane Sandy instead of the election, FOX News seems to have taken the jump on not only covering Sandy, but how it is impacting the election for both candidates.

 In this photo, from's radar, it's obvious that many critical swing states like Ohio, North Carolina, Maryland, and New York fall underneath Sandy's wrath.

In the last few days, polls have shown Obama and Romney are tied in Ohio, increasing just how critical this week before the election is for both campaigns.

 President Obama has canceled appearances in Virginia and Colorado already in light of the "Frankenstorm," which will impact thousands of voters across the US.

As the storm hits, I expect FOX to be covering more of how voters are effected by closed polls, evacuations, and lack of transportation to voting booths. Regardless of how Sandy will change campaign efforts for the next few days, it's safe to say that our news intake will definitely change temporarily.

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