Monday, October 29, 2012

Election Time Clearly Getting Close at NBC

Carolyn Menyes

 Well, it's been a few weeks since I've watched and analyzed NBC Nightly News, and my how the tables have turned.

Previously, I remember there being a segment or two during every show about the election, be it about the horse race, the tactics of the election or the controversies that each candidate found himself in. Despite the variety in coverage, NBC Nightly News at least acknowledged there were other news stories in the country. But last week? Not so much.

For example, Wednesday night's program literally dedicated half its time to the upcoming election. By, say, September's standards, this episode had a whole week's worth of election coverage. Most of the packages focused on the campaigning efforts of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney, with both men increasing the amount of time on the campaign trail.

President Obama's "blitz" -- which took him to seven different states in 48 hours, had him early vote and on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno -- was a focus of the program. A part of this effort to make his case to America, Mr. Obama spoke to Brian Williams.

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Personally, I love Brian Williams as an interviewer. He's tough, but respectful, which is vital when talking to someone as high as the President or a candidate for president. This interview focused on the dead heat that this election has found itself in and President Obama's efforts, which some see as desperate. He also pressed the President on his relationship with Romney, which many have observed to be one of general disdain and tolerance.

Another well done package focused on our very own state of Ohio. Once again, the Buckeye State is supposedly going to decide the election, and both campaigns know this. One-fifth of the advertising budget has gone to Ohio.

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I always knew Ohio was a big player in the election, but I never really knew why. What makes us a swing state? According to a political scientist in this video, it's because we are a sampling of the United States as a whole, which is interesting to me.

I also liked how this package asked the question on whether or not the barrage of ads affect Ohioans, which apparently they don't. And I've experienced this. When every other commercial is for a presidential candidate and often say clashing things, you just don't believe them and ignore them.

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