Monday, October 29, 2012

Candidates Continue With Same Facebook Techniques

Mike Bundt

With the election quickly approaching, things are getting a lot tighter in the presidential race but nothing is really changing with either candidates' social media use.

Both President Obama and Mitt Romney continue to use their facebook pages for the same purposes as they have been using them the entire campaign.

They both mainly use their pages for propaganda to improve their image while trying to show how they're both better than one another.

This isn't really a surprise that each candidate is doing the same things on facebook since you're very limited to what you can actually do on the site.

Since the people that like your page are likely your supporters, the number of actual undecided voters who are interested in their messages and looking at their pages is probably not a high percentage.

So, it makes sense as to why they continue to do the things they do.

President Obama is going to continue to use propaganda like the picture below to draw his base closer together while hoping people share his message with others on facebook while Romney looks to do the same thing as well.

Propaganda from President Obama's FB page
Mitt Romney's facebook has been posting in a similar style to President Obama's facebook the entire campaign.

One thing that Romney has continued to post a lot of is pictures of himself on the campaign trail.

It seems as though his facebook is starting to post even more pictures of him on the campaign trail as they try to make one last run at the White House.

When it comes down why both candidates have similar facebook techniques, it's not hard to figure out.

They're both trying to become the President of the United States. Facebook is a medium to reach out to your supporters but it's not a form of big media that reports on the news.

Unlike big news where the corporations do the reporting, facebook provides both candidates a way to become more personable and show a side of them that no one in the media can.

Therefore, we see both candidates trying to put forth the most positive image of themselves through pictures and propaganda while hoping to unite their bases and get people behind them.

Romney on the Campaign trail (FB Photo)

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