Monday, October 1, 2012

The BBC: Heartland gains attention abroad

Bradley W. Parks

Ohio on BBC's radar

Even across the pond, Ohio garners plenty of coverage from major news outlets.

The BBC ran a story focusing on President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney on the campaign trail in Ohio, noting the importance of the state's vote.

The story tied the Ohio campaign to the pair's first debate coming up on Wednesday Oct. 3, taking points made in the candidate's speeches as talking points for the debate.

Also, an interesting long-form piece brought Ohio into the mix as an example of the weakened economy. I found it interesting the BBC chose Ohio because the state has improved very much in the past four years with an unemployment rate less than eight percent.

New banner casts Romney in bad light

The BBC updated the look of its election homepage, adding a new banner, which is not all too friendly to Mr. Romney.

While President Obama looks as cool as a cucumber in his picture, Mr. Romney does not look quite as calm.

Mr. Romney's photo features him with a furrowed brow, looking somewhat more angry and matter-of-factish than President Obama.

Also, notice the lighting of the two images. President Obama's lighting seems natural as if the image simply had the background cut out.

On the other hand, Mr. Romney has the lighting of a campfire ghost story with the strongest light coming from under his chin, giving him a rather ominous appearance in comparison to President Obama.

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