Sunday, October 28, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Powering Over Political Tweets

Sandhya Kambhampati

It seems that Hurricane Sandy has not only taken over everyone's minds, but the Twittersphere as well.

With the countdown to the big day now in the single digits, many people aren't bringing up their political views on Twitter and it's because of the storm.

President Barack Obama has already issued several state of emergency declarations. A picture from @whitehouse shows President Obama sitting at a table with FEMA officials speaking about Hurricane Sandy.

Tweet from @whitehouse 10/29/2012

Some are comparing President Obama's response with Former President Bush's response to Katrina, putting Sandy's notifications at a new standard.

As Hurricane Sandy continues to be the number one talked about thing on tweeters' minds,  it has also given the opportunity for some to make some interesting correlations.

One example of this can be seen by @BuzzFeedAndrew who made a correlation between Governor Romney in this election to the hurricane map.


What I always find fascinating in these type of pictures are the reaction that these journalists are getting from the pictures, videos and tweets that they post. One tweeter, @popachubs, tweeted "landslide happens when no one votes in these states due to personal issues."

This is also leaving some, like @jimacostacnn to ask about the swing states getting affected by Hurricane Sandy and what this means for people getting out to vote.


CNN's Jim Acosta, along with many other journalists are thinking about the long-haul affects of the Hurricane, especially in states such as Ohio.  Depending on the way this hurricane pans out, some of the campaign stops might be put to a halt.

Do you think this might change the way people vote? Or even come out to vote? Tweet @sandhya__k  & let me know your thoughts. 

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