Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Trump Tweets of the Week

Jonathan Chantz

Donald Trump's Twitter handle @realDonald Trump is where the presidential candidate personally reaches out to his 11.4 million followers any and all thoughts he might think are important to his campaign. From the first day of September to September 7th I have noted his tweets and the content of his 54 posts. The vast majority of his tweets are about his poll numbers various states and where Donald Trump will be making an appearance, either on television or rallies. Six percent of his posts were retweets from his followers, most of which contained attacks on Hillary Clinton. The rest of his 21 tweets I had set into one of three groups, attacks, acclaims, and defenses.

Attacks led the count with 10 tweets that attacked Hillary Clinton, Republican Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, President Obama, Morning Joe television host Mika Brzezinski, and various major news networks. Both CNN and New York Times were attacked because of the bias they have against Trump and how they should no longer be considered credible sources. Trump tweeted, ".@CNN is so disgusting in their bias, but they are having a hard time promoting Crooked Hillary in the light of her new email scandals." This tweet attacked both CNN and Clinton and reached 40k hearts, the third highest liked tweet. Hillary Clinton or "Crooked Hillary" as Trump would often refer to her as had several tweets with his sassiest one pictured below.

Acclaims are anything that relates to how Donald Trump would perform or actions he would take if he were to be elected President of the United States. There were 9 tweets that included Trump's acclaims, most of which included something about building a southern border wall and how Mexico would pay for it. His most favorited tweet was " Mexico will pay for the wall!" with 59k hearts. Possibly the only new acclaims Trump was making was how he is reaching out to black voters when he tweeted a video of him speaking at a black church, Great Faith Ministries, in Detroit. Trump would later tweet about how CNN covered more of the protesters outside his rally, referring to this article.

Defenses came up last in Trump's tweets with only two posts that were made to defend something that he did or said.

In the history of the Presidential election there is no instance where a candidate had more attacks than acclaims in their campaign. If Trump wants to win the presidential election he should consider tweeting more about how he will change the country and less about how news organizations are being to critical of his campaigning.

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