Thursday, September 15, 2016

In Case You Didn't Know....Hillary is Sick

Jackie McCrea

Clinton's Health Dominates News Coverage

It's no secret that Hillary Clinton's health information has been a major topic of discussion this past week. Nearly every news outlet has been covering the latest "scandal" and MSNBC is no exception. Because of the media frenzy, the Clinton campaign went as far as releasing statements from her doctor claiming she is still fit to run the country. MSNBC's latest article regarding Hillary's health included almost everything, including her current temperature and pulse-oximetry levels.

In addition, another story has been circling the rumor mill. Apparently, the democratic candidate used a body double at the 9/11 memorial service. This story made its way around many news sites and had an especially big impact on social media. However, MSNBC failed to cover the story. This can be equated to its liberal bias, but I still found it odd that the news outlet made no mention of the story that is sweeping the nation.

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Regardless of whether MSNBC covered this particular incident or not, their website has been flooded with coverage of the candidate's health. Even Republican nominee, Donald Trump's has been brought into question. Donald Trump even went as far as appearing on Dr. Oz to reveal his bill of health. The video below shows his appearance.

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Clinton has been diagnosed with pneumonia which has slowed her campaigning down. Many critics have called her unfit to take on so much responsibility. Her doctor continues to argue that she is on the mend and will be back on the campaign trail soon. Still, conspiracy theories and harsh criticism continue to flood the internet. 

Sadly, this election season has come to candidates competing about who is healthier. Not many could argue that this election has been the most sane, but this may be a new level of campaign craziness. There is no question that each candidate is willing to play dirty even if it means comparing their personal health information. 

Other Scandals in the News

Another so called scandal that has cast a shadow on the Clinton campaign is the Clinton foundation. Many have accused the foundation of unfit spending. MSNBC released coverage of Clinton foundation president, Donna Shalala explaining reforms that would be made if Clinton were to be elected. Clearly the foundation is trying to present a better image after all of the negative attention it has been receiving. The full video can be viewed below.

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Going along with the traditionally liberal attitudes expressed on MSNBC, most stories regarding the Clinton foundation have been positive. Though this story has made its way through the news several times, it seems refreshing to see something that does not relate to a candidate's health information. This story revealed a lot of key information regarding the way the Clinton Foundation will spend money and what organizations they will be working closely with. 

It is nice to see stories regarding anything, but the candidate's health even if the Clinton Foundation story is almost just as beat to death. Hopefully, MSNBC and other news networks will have some better headliners next week!

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